Monday, April 18, 2011

Burton Family 2010

I know that it is 2011 and the date on the title says 2010. I've taken so many fun photos this past year and have been a huge SLACKER when it comes to updating my blog. So I am playing catch up and I'm hoping to stay ahead so that I'm not in the same situation next year.

Erickson Family

I'm lucky to claim these two beautiful girls as my nieces. They definitely take after my brother and have large personalities which I was able to capture. So fun!

Allfrey Family

This is my sister's family and we took these last fall. I just have to say that I have some of the most adorable nieces ever!

Cheltsy's Family

I've known Cheltsy since kindergarten and alway have a good time photographing her family.
These were taken last fall on a beautiful October evening. With all the snow/rain we've been getting I can't wait to have nice weather again.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Baby Brooke

I've been friends with these fabulous parents since high school. I was so happy when Becky asked me to take photos of the newest member to join their family ... Baby Brooke.
I packed up my car with just about everything but the kitchen sink [ok not really but it was a lot of stuff] and I headed to my hometown of Springville.

This photo literally took us about 5 minutes to take. With a four year old, two year old and one week old I consider that a miracle. The kids were so well behaved and made my job really easy.

After hours of shooting they still didn't complain when we wanted to do one more outside in the sunny but not very warm weather.

And here she is. Brooke was just a cooperative as her siblings, she must have awesome parents. Actually I know for a fact that she does have awesome parents.